In 2012, Tighe founded Tenney Construction. Tighe has 20 years of experience in construction and plays a hands-on role in every project he takes on, ensuring that all aspects meet the quality standards his company is known for. Each subcontractor he selects is chosen based on a track record of performance and integrity. As Tenney Construction has grown, the company has branched out to take on larger projects, including light commercial projects, but Tighe still prides himself on tackling any size job for the homeowner.

Tighe grew up in Snohomish and is now raising two daughters in the community with his wife, Morgan. When he’s not building things, you can find him speeding through the Cascades on a snowmobile, relaxing in a cabin by Lake Wenatchee, or tinkering around on anything with a motor.


Snohomish, WA


[email protected]